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Show Preview: The Strokes Ė April 4, 2006 Ė The Paramount
by Ashley Graham

If you ever, ever, EVER read The Wig you already know what Iím about to say. Iím more excited for this show than is even possible. Well, maybe that excitement is actually more directed toward the show in Portland at the Roseland Ballroom (Hey! Itís smaller and the trip alone makes it foreign and exhilarating, aíright?). But nevertheless, Iím pumped for the hometown one too. The Strokes are the greatest band in the land. So, maybe not, but they are by far my favorite and if youíve already got your ticket in hand for this show then youíre one of the few tragically-small selection of LUCKIEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

Though Wigster Devon reported differently, Iím quite positive that in my own opinion
First Impressions of Earth is the best Strokes release to date. If you donít have it, Iíd make the purchaseóespecially if youíre excluded from the show, consider it a consolation prize. The Strokes have been wowing audiences all about the country on this tour, and with Eagles of Death Metal opening up the night itís just a combo for success. Eee!

If you love The Strokes, I love you. I will see you at the show. And maybe in Portland, you die-harders!

Essential Info.
The Venue: The Paramount
The Support: Eagles of Death Metal
The Date: April 4
The Time: 8pm
The Price: SOLD OUT!