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editor's note
The Thermals
The Body, The Blood, The Machine
by Ashley Graham

It might sound like Hutch Harris took some crazy pills during the writing sessions for
The Body, The Blood, The Machine, but give it time, itíll grab you. Itís not as frenetic as the last two albums, thatís true, and while weíve all always feared that the Thermals would calm at some point, donít worry, it hasnít happened yet. Harris is envisioning a world of political upheaval, turmoil and resulting paranoia. Itís heavier, darker subject matter than heís tackled before--and he does it with finesse. It works, as only it could with a band as charming and likeable as the Thermals. Itís not as catchy as, say, ďNo Culture Icons,Ē sure, but itís still brilliant little Hutch and Kathy. You can still see Hutchís face all distorted as he screams the words, and you can still see Kathyís hair bobbing up and down as she dances along (even though the hairís a little shorter now). This means itís still great, and even Thermals-great. (Which means really really great.)

The Thermals will grace the stage at Bumbershoot on September 2.
AND the next day theyíll hit up Easy Street for a free in-store at 5pm. Ya best be at that one. for more information.