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Seattle up and comers The Transport Assembly graciously answer my hard-hitting and irrelevant questions, with comical results.
by Melissa Mueller

Who are your fellow female bass guitar heroes?

Shana:  The ones that have really had an affect on me are D’Arcy, Tina Weymouth, Kim Gordon, Kim Deal, and Gail Ann Dorsey.

Favorite Seattle band?

Chad: the Accused and North American Bison.
Josiah: Mars Accelerator.
Shana: The Blood Brothers.
Will: Lady Elaine.

How inspired is The Transport Assembly by "math rock?"

Chad: Not one bit.
Josiah:  I would say very.  I had all the Polvo and Slint records at one point.  Our songs incorporate a lot of dissonant chords and odd time signatures, which are the definitive characteristics of math rock.  But especially since Chad joined, we've incorporated a lot of other influences, too - classic rock, psychedelia, post-punk, and some electronic elements.  All of which we fit into our updated math-rock style.
Will: I agree with Josiah, be it I had to go back to school to take an algebra class to learn how to play drums for this band.
Paul: Jesus, are we "math rock"? I quit.

Do you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain?

Chad: If it's a warm rain and a cold pina colada -slurpee style.
Shana: Who doesn’t?
Josiah: Not especially.
Will: If I were drinking a pina colada while caught in rain traffic on highway 5, yeah.

Favorite Seattle venue?

Chad: The Lusty Lady.
Josiah: I hope we can play Neumos sometime. The Showbox is pretty nice too, but that would be further down the road.
Shana: I love The High Dive and El Corazon.
Will: Pike.

Any particular band you would like to perform alongside with in the future? Who have you played with thus far?

Chad: Boston, The Insane Clown Posse and Dream Theatre.
Josiah: Unfortunately, Boston's singer died recently (but I've always thought we should do a cover of Smokin').  My short list of bands I'd like to play with would include Sonic Youth, Blonde Redhead, Radiohead and Deerhoof.  Oh, and if The Pixies ever tour again, I'd like to play with them too.  So far we've played with Denelian, Marrow, Kiss Her For The Kid, and a few others.
Shana: It would be fun to play with TV on the Radio, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, and Celebration.
Will: I would love to play with the Blood Brothers, to see how they are before they go on stage. I would also love to play with Spoon.

What is the worst band name ever?

Chad: Leftover Salmon.
Josiah: Hoobastank.
Shana: Goo Goo Dolls.
Will: They Were Carried by Horses (unfortunately I was in this band).

Any cool novelty name like Flea or The Edge yet?

Chad: Most of the time it's like "hey you" or "what's your name again" but sometimes they also call me "put your hands where I can see them and step out of the car!"
Josiah:  My secret stage name is "Josiah the Messiah.".
Paul: Josiah, is it really a "name" if you're the only one who calls yourself that?
Shana: Tyrannosaurus Shana.
Will: Don't ever put Flea and the Edge in the same sentence.

Do you think President Bush would like your band?

Paul: Sure, he loves torture.
Shana: I hope not.
Will: Yeah, if it would help the Republicans get votes.
Josiah: Given that we are against everything he stands for, my guess is no.
Chad: Given that we are for everything he stands for, my guess is yes.

Planning on playing bass in high heels any time soon?

Shana: I’ll let the guys handle that one.
Josiah:  I'm doing that as we speak.
Chad: I would if Josiah would give me my high heels back!
Will: No, but my tongue is 12 feet long.

Have you considered incorporating banjos or fiddles into your music? Perhaps a cowbell?

Shana: Why not?  Music should have no limits.
Josiah:  All of those are within the realm of possibility.  Of course we'd probably detune the banjo and fiddle and run them through an amp and make some horrible noise with them.  Actually there is a track we're recording for our upcoming album that incorporates an Indian instrument (not a sitar or tambura - we're not sure what it is (someone gave it to Chad as a gift)) that sort of sounds like a psychedelic drone banjo.
Chad: On the upcoming release there is a song with banjo and cowbell - seriously.
Will: I'm all about the mouth harp.

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