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The Vacation – May 7, 2006 – El Corazon
by Katie Sauro

Glam bands come and go, jetting in and out of L.A. and New York—and in and out of our lives—turning on their 70s-influenced charm and wowing crowds with energetic punk rhythms and tight tight pants. But, for whatever reason, not many stick around long enough to soak up the mostly-unjustified adulation of their debut records, let alone produce a half-assed follow-up. Fortunately for the Vacation, and for those of us who enjoy actual talent, theirs is legitimate, and their strong reception well-deserved.

The Hollywood-based quartet is on tour now in support of their self-titled full-length, which is essentially a remastered version of last year’s
Band from World War Zero. Both albums include all the same tracks, but just in slightly altered orders. I’m not really sure of the point, but logic aside, the album rocks hard, reminiscent of the Clash and the Libertines, even incorporating the poppy rhythms of Aussies Jet, and their live performance is sure to do the album justice. Don’t miss it.

Essential Info.
The Venue: El Corazon
The Support: The Sun
The Date: May 7
The Time: 6:30pm doors, 7pm show
The Price: $8 advance, $10 at door