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Why We Love Our March 9 Line-Up
The Wig presents The Blakes, The Pink Snowflakes and Seaweed Jack March 9, The Comet, 10th & Pike, 9pm, 21+, $5
by Ashley Graham, Dagmar Patterson and Katie Sauro

What better way to celebrate our March 9 line-up than with a good dose of love and appreciation for the bands that will make it what it is destined to be? To all those that come to the show, lucky you… these bands all rock our socks and we can barely hold back our excitement for the show (or get our work done in the meantime!). We love them! We love you! Come to the show!

Why We Love… The Blakes… by Dagmar

The Blakes are cool and they rock. Theirs is a sexy, vicious sound coming from a trio of usually black-clad guys who go by first names only: Garnett (vocals & guitar), Snow (bass & vocals) and Bob (drums). They are dark and gore you with screams and shouts. I love all these Blakesian elements. The songs are all memorable, brief but tight, and swell with emotion and visceral, crafty lyrics. Their live performance is a wonder and I can’t help but have the feeling that I’m watching something very special—imagining it’s the feeling of watching an early show by the Beatles. (Yes, WOW!) They inspire an excitement and energy rarely seen, and yet so very necessary, in great art.

Why We Love… The Pink Snowflakes… by Katie

Any and all contact with this band has ended with the relentless proclamation that their set is going to be insanely LOUD—and that, my friends, is a guarantee. They’re schlepping their psychedelia-drenched, Flaming Lips-influenced, acid-trippy sound all the way from Portland (or possibly the 1960s?) and they plan to make this excursion worth their while. And what better way to do so than with an ear-splittingly good time? Check ’em out at They don’t have an actual website. No, they’re too fucking badass for that. Just another reason to love them… People, get ready for a Velvet Underground-meets-Warlocks experimentation that will rock the socks right off your little feet.

Why We Love… Seaweed Jack… by Ashley

CUTE BOYS! WAIT NO! The music! The music! Yes. We can’t get over these boys’ music. And their live show. They knocked our heads off last January when they played the Rendezvous and we can all barely even understand how much we love them. And they’re from Spokane? What the hell? It’s true. They are from Spokane and they are still really awesome. I first encountered Seaweed Jack in their native land last summer, lounging about shirtless on their front porch. Love at first sight, kids, love at first sight. Since then I’ve seen their cat shit in the front seat of their Suburban, I’ve seen their lead singer play a hero on the side of I-90 and I’ve seen their hair styles change with the seasons. The love continues… indefinitely. Come see for yourself.

WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!, you’re saying. March 9 @ The Comet! See you at the show!