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The Zero Points
September 2, 2005 - The Showbox - Seattle, WA
by Christopher Mulally

32,748 people cannot be wrong. That’s the number of “friends” Seattle band The Zero Points have on their MySpace account. It’s a big following for a small band that released their first album in 2005 and played the Showbox in Seattle for the first time on Sept. 2.

The stage alone was bigger than entire venues they have plucked and hammered on. I was there at the Sept. 2 show, standing a few feet from the stage, bass rippling in my feet. I watched Aaron, the lead singer, sling his body around, his arms and his little footsteps alive, kicking his water bottle, running to the front of the stage and smiling. Not cool enough to wear a 24-hour frown, huh?

“I am an optimistic person,” a sweaty Aaron Gilbride said after the band’s set. “I want people to feel upliftment and positivity.”

Many of the people in the audience, from the women with cut-up t-shirts to the men in black, nodded their heads or smiled watching the band. Joseph James stood in the front row of the audience and snatched the set list sheet right after the show. He had seen the Zero Points three times. “Lyrically they offer a different view on things. Some of their songs remind me a little of early REM, or the Beach Boys surf-rock feel,” he said. “Aaron is so much fun to watch. Everybody is just so solid.”

Aaron Gilbride started the band in 2000 with the handsome (and single) bass player/band webmaster, Sandy Wilson. Gilbride put an ad in the Stranger looking for musicians who were into the Velvet Underground, Television and The Pixies.

Since that time, the Pixies have reunited, and the Zero Points have gained and lost numerous appendages, finally landing with Aaron Gilbride (vocals) Dave Woods (lead guitar) Peter McGraw (rhythm guitar) Sandy Wilson (bass) and Chris "B.S." Eliot (drums).

The boys won’t disclose their ages but say they are old enough to hate Care Bears but not old enough to cash in the 401Ks. When they talk about the band in advertisements for shows, they say things like “an independent rock and roll band that draws upon the greatest rock, pop and punk artists of the 1960,’s 1970’s and 1980’s,” although music magazines have called them one of the only true rock and roll bands in existence.

They have soul—heartfelt effort, heartfelt lyrics, honest expressions –and they care.
Currently, the Points are planning to record their second full-length album with highly-respected indie producer Nick Moon in October.

You can hear four of their songs at their MySpace account and you can buy individual songs, like the gritty “Truckstop,” “You’re the One” or “Transmutating” at Apple’s iTunes. The next show they play is at 9 p.m. on Sept. 23 at Café Venus/The Mars Bar in Seattle.