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The Honorary Title/Koufax
February 12, 2006 – El Corazon – Seattle, WA
by Katie Sauro and Ashley Graham

For only having practiced a few weeks as a four-piece, Koufax was surprisingly tight Sunday night, jumpstarting the Doghouse Records showcase and leading the young crowd in a sing-along of their signature piano-driven pop.

As is usually the case, frontman Rob Suchan, in all his finger-snapping glory, and diminutive keyboardist Jared Rosenberg, were the only two mainstays in the band. They were joined on stage by two guest musicians, a bassist and a drummer, who provided a rather impressive rhythm section. Koufax played much of their latest release, Hard Times Are in Fashion, a mix of dance-pop and harder-edged rock, the latter of which had Rosenberg banging on the keys so hard, the entire keyboard stand shook and rocked back and forth precariously.

Suchan has been at it a long time, and it is apparent by how well he knows his audience, gearing all inebriated onstage banter, consisting of a plentitude of “isms” and other such advice, toward the younger set, and hyping them up with a fun, animated performance.

After a gruelingly long, and thereby completely intolerable, set by country-tinged poppers Limbeck, the highlight of Doghouse’s evening line-up arrived. Burdened by an early emo tag that continues to haunt their chance at popularity, The Honorary Title is now officially a four piece, adding Adam Boyd and Jon Wiley to the previous twosome of Jarrod Gorbel and Aaron Kamstra. The set was full of the best of their debut album Anything Else But the Truth, but served to really show that the band is in dire need of another disc. That disc, one can imagine after hearing a slew of new songs, is well on its way.

Touring for a release that came out in June 2004 at this point seems unlikely, so perhaps THT is getting ready to retreat to record. Truth was written predominantly before even Kamstra joined the group, and instead serves as the final product of Gorbel’s time spent alone (and with a few girlfriends, real or fictitious). “Bridge & Tunnel,” one of the album’s singles, and one of the evening’s crowd favorites, is the only song THT officially has to their credit as a crew. The few new songs that were littered throughout the night’s set, though, along with the added energy of new members, were sure indication that THT is ready to develop a new sound and move forward. Will Kamstra get his 21+ show that he wanted so badly last year when I talked to him? Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves…

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