The Wig with Tilly and the Wall
September 29, 2004
interview by Ashley Graham
As they departed on their tour with Rilo Kiley, The Wig sent questions to Omaha's Tilly and the Wall.  The kids of Tilly had this to say.

THE WIG:  You're about to go on tour with Rilo Kiley.  What sort of preparation and anxiety goes into a tour?  What are your goals for this tour?

KIANNA ALARID: A lot goes into getting ready for a tour - ordering merchandise to sell, saying goodbye to friends, packing...

DEREK PRESSNALL: A lot of laundry.

JAMIE WILLIAMS:  As far as the goals go, we want to promote our new album, "Wild Like Children," and not break too many guitar strings.

TW: What does it feel like to have the full-length album out?

KA: Having a full length album out is something we've all dreamt about our whole lives.  It feels amazing.

TW:  What was the recording process like for "Wild Like Children"?

JW:  The whole recording process was very DIY.  We recorded in the kitchen and the living room and the basement of our friend's house, trying different set-ups.  It was then interesting because we took those recordings to an actual studio to smooth things out.  That's where we really figured out the shape the album was taking.

TW:  What do you find inspiring your songwriting?

DP:  Punk rock and friends.

NEELY JENKINS:  Kids and mountains.

NICK WHITE:  Anything with spirit and personality.

JW:  We draw from all different aspects of life for inspiration, like touring and just hanging out with friends.

TW:  What music do you see as influential to you, past and present?

NW:  Cocorosie, Leonard Cohen...

DP:  Jonathan Richman, Concretes...

KA:  Slayer, Daniel Johnston, Nine Inch Nails, Bjork...

NJ:  The Cure.

JW:  Wham!, Elliott Smith, Simon and Garfunkel...

TW:  How do you like being with Team Love? How has the experience been so far?

JW:  We love being on Team Love.  Nate and Conor treat us like family, and we couldn't ask for anything more.

TW:  What do you think of the Omaha music scene? What does it mean to you to be coming from it?

NW:  The Omaha music scene is always changing and growing.  Everyone tries to support everyone else.  To come from the Omaha music scene is to have a foundation for whatever you choose to make, however relevant or obscure.

TW:  Why choose music?

DP:  We all make other forms of art as well.  Right now making songs and playing shows are what make us happy.

TW:  With all that is going on with music today, what makes yours unique?  What makes you stand out?

DP:  We try to put a lot of feeling and soul into our songs, and the product is a blend of all five of our personalities, which is naturally going to be different from other personalities.  (Yes we also have a tap-dancer.)

TW:  What is in the future for Tilly and the Wall?

KA:  We're going to make more music and continue to tour until it's no longer fun.

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