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Tilly and the Wall / Kimya Dawson
July 11, 2006 - The Paradox - Seattle, WA
by Katie Sauro

Armed with sunny melodies and a tap-dancing percussionist, Tilly and the Wall, a traveling band of folk-pop misfits and variety show incarnates from Omaha, was welcomed back to Seattle with eagerly open arms. And as for those who had come to see the woefully-overrated Now Itís Overhead, well, letís just say they were damn glad they stuck around.

Now in the midst of their first headlining tour, Tillyís lovely harmonization and catchy tunes, a la Rilo Kiley, had the entire crowd moving Ė and the tap-dancing didnít hurt either. Yes, the idea is questionable, even laughable, and could very well come off as gimmicky, but you have to hear it to understand how fucking awesome it sounds for a bandís sole percussion to stem from one pair of shoes.

The quintetís set focused on their new album,
Bottoms of Barrels, released on the great Conor Oberstís label, Team Love, also home to the sickeningly glorified Jenny Lewis solo record.

The endearing and enduring (and extremely pregnant) Kimya Dawson opened the show with her quirky acoustic folk, balancing a pink guitar on her belly and desperately trying to maintain her breath. She mixes it up a bit, making sure that morbidity and adorableness take their respective places side by side in the folk music spectrum, singing easily about her unborn child, and just as easily about death.

Kimya is supposed to be playing at the Capitol Hill Block Party next weekend, but announced at the show that it is still up in the air because her baby is due that week. But if she happens to grace the stage, you can bet that the Wig will be there, too.

(Editor's Note: In the time since this was written, during that time when we weren't updating because I'm a doofus, Kimya gave birth to the lovely Panda Delilah. The Wig's sincerest congratulations and hugs to Kimya, Ange, and baby Panda!)