Tilly and the Wall
September 25, 2004 - Neumos - Seattle, WA
review by Ashley Graham
Is there a band out right now whose live show is more fun than Tilly and the Wall's?  After witnessing their set in Seattle last Saturday night, I'd have to say not likely.

Boasting a setlist of wowing tracks off of their debut full-length album "Wild Like Children," Tilly and the Wall made the absolute most of their opening spot on Rilo Kiley's tour.  Their energy, positivity and fun is infectious and the result is simply amazing.

This band performs their hearts out at every moment.  They never stop smiling.  They never stop having a good time.  There is a unity in their performance that is matched by few bands.  Each member is feeding off of the others.  And there is plenty to feed off of.  They sing, they stomp their feet, they clap their hands, and they hoot and holler with unrivalled excitement.

The voices of Kianna, Neely and Derek are beautifully fluent on tracks like "Wild Like Children," "Fell Down the Stairs," and one of my favorites, "Bessa."  They sound great live and the performance brings their songs to life.  The music and attitude is right on target and the band excels at every note.

When they leave the stage, the show loses a vitality that they had created and helped thrive.  Now It's Overhead and Rilo Kiley just don't have the juice to keep the fun alive.

Any band could learn something from Tilly and the Wall.  Fun, free-spirited and completely enjoyable music set to elegant voices, lovable lyrics, and the talented rhythmic feet of tap dancer Jamie.  What's not to love?
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