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Tokyo Police Club
October 18th, 2007 - Neumo's - Seattle, WA
by Adam Toth

Typically, when a band comes out and shouts its name in the chorus of their first song, I get a feeling of disappointment and start feeling pessimistic about the rest of show. 'Cause, I mean, only arrogant bastards start off a set like that, right? Well, generally yes, but for some reason, when "When you're standing near, Tokyo Police Club!" came out of David Monks' mouth, it just worked.

That is how I feel about the whole set: Tokyo Police Club doesn't have much that separates them from the concert down the week, or even much that differentiates them from their own openers, but still, it all works for a very good show.

Something about this four-piece Canadian band just rocks. I spent the whole show trying to figure it out. Was it the fast-paced, yet still smoothly delivered vocals? Was it the keyboard that, despite keyboard bands becoming cliche, actually added something to their act? Or was it the electric presence these guys had on stage? There really wasn't one aspect that singled them out. They just put on a good show. A damn good show. One that I recommend you all attending in the future.

Also, if you happen to get a chance to see White Rabbits on tour, go right away. They are an amazing band for an opening set, and they more than deserve to be headlining someday.

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