Time Traveling Couch
by Melissa Mueller
The cover of Toothpick’s album may LOOK reminiscent of the 1960’s hippy days, but don’t let that fool you. Toothpick’s sound is more akin to hip hop fused with rock and just a little bit of folk added to the mix.

Toothpick’s claim to fame is the theme song to the successful film “Supersize Me” which he performed co-wrote. At first listen to “Goodnight Moon” you might think for a second those groovy bass lines and drum beats are none other than The Roots, but Toothpick’s soulful voice quickly gives it away. His humorous, but satirical lyrics are thought provoking, but not insulting, and very radio friendly.

With varying influences like Jack Johnson, Tribe Called Quest, and Bob Dylan, it is clear that Toothpick is not limiting himself to one genre or musical label. With a voice like Everlast but beats like The Roots, Toothpick’s mocking songs on American culture (“Time Traveling Couch”) and everything in between make perfect songs that will be heard on hip hop AND alternative rock and even adult contemporary radio stations.

Toothpick is currently on tour on the east coast and his CD
Time Traveling Couch is in stores now. For more information check out his website,, or MySpace page,
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