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editor's note
Is That The TraLaLa
(Audika Records )
by Sara Huguenard

Some may remember a time back in about junior high school where they thought of themselves as pretty hot shit. A time when music was about the bubblegum tunes that were all the rage in Saturday morning network television (not referring to Schoolhouse Rocks, which has garnered a level of well-deserved street cred). That--in a nutshell--is TraLaLa. 
First off, it is really hard to tell what angle is being sought after for this band, or by whom. Their label promotes them as “great pop punk sensations”. Well, pop punk, yes. Great however, is probably debatable…
Okay--imagine the Bangles…but without the vocal range or harmonies, with someone else playing all of their instruments--poorly--and writing what could be considered fairly mediocre material. So perhaps it was a marketing ploy cooked up by an established act to make up for a lack of talent amongst their band members. Or maybe it was some “hot” new idea of one of those yesterday’s choreography inspired pop group masterminds…who knows?  But why have four relatively cute, only mildly tuneful women singing where the song most obviously only requires one? It just seems that someone is trying to compensate for something sorely missing.
You either have to really admire this band or really pity them. With a good dose more thrash, you could definitely get a nice hit of real punk out of these tunes. But instead they opt for a more '60s-based pop angle, which instead only emphasizes how truly basic the music is. And save for the occasional channeling of early B-52’s the rest of it is just too cutesy. For example lyrics like:
“Taxi, taxi, Beep beep, Take me home.”
“Which girl am I gonna be?  Best friend you could ever meet.”
“Can’t wait til twelve o’clock, I wanna go out early tonight.”
The list goes on, but surely you get the gist…
Whatever it was that sparked the idea to bring these folks together as a group--congratulations to their maker--it worked on some level. They are, after all, on a label. But it could have been executed in a manner that would have produced a much better result, because for all of the novelty they may be able to push with this, it can’t be too long before it becomes downright boring for most listeners. As such, it seems that they would probably do better commercially by taking their tunes straight to ABC than trying to make it as anything more than a flash-in-the-pan novelty act.