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editor's note
Ode to Pete
by Sherri Prunier

Let me preface this with a warning – bands like this make me get over my dislike of writing negative reviews. In the past I’ve returned albums to bands with a note that says "no thank you," or at the very least was lenient in the form of criticism. But when a band surfaces like this - without much potential for future success – someone has to call them on it.

When I saw the album artwork, which looks like Salvador Dali had a nightmare about a creature from Star Wars, I had a feeling things weren’t going to be great. The fact that they named their band Tugnut was another sign; a foreshadowing of headache-inducing sounds.   

"Ode to Pete" is five tracks that all sound the same and have no direction or meaning. They all sound like someone lacking mental stability having sudden outbursts in the form of swearing and screaming. When the lyrics are decipherable, they are senseless, like “you got the tapes and the belts and the crowns and the planets aligned” to “f-ck the fisher.” There is absolutely nothing worthy to be found in the vocal quality or the instrument playing.

Maybe the metal scene up in Canada is really this bad, with groups feeding off each other like leeches. Perhaps I’m the culprit, as I’ve never been impressed by the metal / thrash genre. To quote a line from the second track, wherever the blame falls "I don’t think I f-cking care." Step away from the instruments, go apologize to Pete for dedicating this to him, and get a job.