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editor's note
Two Gallants
The Crocodile Cafť - September 21, 2006
by Ashley Graham

Hardcore Wig fans (donít laugh, I know a couple exist) will already know how in love with Two Gallants I am. The truth is I might love them too much. I have little pictures of Adam and Tyson all over my notebooks, hearts randomly sorted about various corners of each shot. I have them on my computer desktop. I have an AIM buddy icon bearing their likeness. Life-size posters hang on the walls of Wig headquarters. I listen to the tape of the interview we did last fall every night before I go to bed. I obsessively hand out store-bought copies of their albums to everyone I meet on the street, even. And, okay, Iím not sure how to feel about this, but I really canít decide just yet which one of the fellas I plan to marry--but one of them, surely.

Itís true my addiction for Two Gallantsí propulsive, genre-defying, hard-on-yr-luck tunes has hit its height as of late, and though it doesnít share the excitement of the above mentioned Hanson-like love, itís pretty damn serious. Iíve now seen the duo live three times, and can assure itís unlike any other dynamic Iíve seen on the stage. Itís not the kind of fodder that can be adored by teen girls--Adam and Tyson could even be said to be in their own worlds while on stage. Their communication is seldom with the crowd, and more often with one another. Their bond is fucking amazing to watch.

The band that describes themselves MySpace-style as ďif like Bright Eyes and the White Stripes like had a baby. Thatís us, exactlyÖ and absolutely nothing of any worthĒ is SO fucking worth your time, you should actually just stop reading now and go buy tickets to this show. Or just go. Please go. You should go. Please.


(Openers Trainwreck Riders=San Francisco natives, Two Gallants friends, debut disc
Lonely Road Revival out now on old Two Gallants label Alive, not as crush-worthy, but, okay, like, you know, still pretty good.)


Essential Info.
The Venue: The Crocodile Cafe
The Support: Langhorne Slim, Trainwreck Riders
The Date: September 21
The Time: 8pm doors
The Price: $10

ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL AGES!!!!!!!!! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!