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editor's note
Two Gallants
What the Toll Tells
by Adam Toth

Making their debut on Saddle Creek Records, San Francisco’s Two Gallants leaves a memorable first impression with
What the Toll Tells--an outstanding collection of scratchy vocals, brilliant lyrics, and music that makes you wonder how everything was written by just two people.

What makes this album so wonderful is not only the epic quality in every song, but the variability between them. Two Gallants starts with a classic rock out in “Las Cruces Jail,” then slows down to the acoustical “Steady Rollin” and then runs into an eight minute ballad that does nothing but impress.

The emotion involved in this album is truly incredible. The voice of Adam Stephens scratches, drowns out, and squeaks, but the results are incredible. If I had the perfect voice, even I would be jealous of how Stephens delivers. Every song on this album is the type of song that you can turn to full volume, screech out of your lungs, and cry in joy at how wonderful every moment is.

You can’t put this music into a genre. It’s far too good. If you like bands that write damn good music, then this album is for you.