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Two Gallants / Langhorne Slim / Trainwreck Riders
October 20, 2006 - The Troubadour - Los Angeles, CA
by Ashley Graham

My new ďthingĒ is falling asleep at concerts. Last week I was nodding off before the Long Winters while listening to Oakley Hall at Spaceland, and the next day I slept through three bands at The Smell, curled in a corner whilst screaming bands and fans rocked themselves silly. This new trend of mine is frustrating, sure, but Iíve come to realize that my current schedule doesnít allow for much else. I get up every morning at 5:30, and I go to bed at 10. When Iím, then, asked to stay awake until 12, or 1, or even later (JOHN RODERICK THIS MEANS YOU), Iím bound to get a little tired.

It is a testament to the quality of this particular show, then, that my only moment of heavy eyelids came during ďMy MadonnaĒ (third song of the headliner, right? God, so annoying), and this is surely indicative not of lack of quality, but just of utter exhaustion.

Iím not sure what else there is for me to say about Two Gallants. While I feel it is my goal as a writer/observer/fangirl to be constantly rethinking and refiguring what I think of bands that I see, Iím not sure I could ever outdo what I wrote last month about this band (
see here). Except that, really, the truth of the matter is that my love grows exponentially with every day that passes. So in the past month, Iíve only grown to love Two Gallants more. I listen to them every day either on my way to or from work (ignore what I said in the Forward Russia preview), and I looked forward to this show oh-so very much.

The first thing I found out: Seattle has its Two Gallants admirers, but LA has fanatics. Iíd yet to experience such an interactive and loving audience at one of this bandís shows. Their sing-along during the chorus of ďLas Cruces JailĒ brought a smile to perpetually stoic singer Adam Stephensí face. Nice to see.

This duo is something you just have to witness. Listen to the albums if you like, but fuck-damn, please go see them live. Adam Stephens is great, and Tyson Vogel is a fucking monster on the drums. I canít get over it. Every time I see them I think Iím prepared, but he always blows me away. The energy within this guyís skinny-minny little frame just explodes all over the place when heís behind the kit. He leaves the stage bent over and heaving from his performances. Heís one of the most amazing things Iíve ever seen.

Opening band Trainwreck Riders is better on stage than on disc. While their CD did little for me when it arrived, Iíve listened now with a fresh ear (ignore the Forward Russia preview again), and found it a pleasing romp through the mainstream version of what Stephens and Vogel are doing. The stage show is more what you can expect from yr run of the mill indie rock ROCK bands, but the band is an interesting set of musicians who will be great to keep watching as things continue to develop.

Second-billed Langhorne Slim just screamed ďGimmie my own tour!Ē This guy is headed for cult status. Heís an act that people will still be packing venues to see in 15 years, if he chooses such a course. Heíll have a loyal band of followers, though he may continue to elude the mainstream. So much energy and so much love of his crowd. Refreshing sight, with the only complaint being that the set might have been a bit longerÖ

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