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Umber Sleeping
Escape into the Unknown on a Dragster Saddled Cruiser
by Katie Sauro

The past meets future with Tacoma-based Umber Sleepingís second album, released earlier this year on Space Rocker Records. Oft-compared to Kraftwerk, among others, the band fuses 70s psychedelic rock and strains of futuristic electronica, to create ethereal instrumentals that sound like a dream sequence straight out of an old sci-fi movie. 

Escape into the Unknown on a Dragster Saddled Cruiser was recorded, Umber Sleeping was a two-piece band, Peter Tietjen on drums and Chris Jones on keys.  Mesmerizing keyboards, electric piano, and Moogs take center stage, while jazz-influenced drums roll underneath the occasionally-thrown-in distortion-filled vocals. The boys have since recruited James Jenkins from local faves Mama Loves Daddy on guitar, rounding out their sound. 

Escape is a unique album that captures the bandís live sound perfectly with plenty of interesting musical twists and turns, its only downfall being that some of the songs drag a bit here and there. But otherwise, Umber Sleeping has created a solid album worth a listen.

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