Velvet Revolver
June 4, 2004 - Moore Theatre - Seattle, WA
Nothing beats seeing Scott Weiland live onstage.  Nothing.  And whether it is with his earlier band Stone Temple Pilots, or with his new one Velvet Revolver, Weiland's style of performance, his energy and his look, is rivalled by none.

Velvet Revolver has the kind of line-up that many music fans have dreamt about.  And their live show, along with their debut album "Contraband," will not disappoint.  Matt Sorum can still play a killer beat on the drums, Duff McKagan is still the slinky blonde bassist of years before, newcomer Dave Kushner has no trouble keeping up, and Slash is, well, a sight to be seen and he still has the attention of the older fans.  As he puts on his Guns 'N' Roses-era top hat, the crowd goes wild and he mumbles with a smile, "Because you just fucking love this!"

But the night belongs to the revitalized Weiland.  Clean and sober and full of energy like never before, Weiland is unstoppable.  He struts, he saunters, he gyrates, and he is completely inescapable. 

Velvet Revolver hit smaller venues on their first tour outing, but if they can keep things in order, namely Weiland, they have the opportunity to be something big in the struggling world of modern rock.
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review by Ashley Graham