VHS or Beta
April 16, 2005 – Neumo’s – Seattle, WA
by Melissa Mueller

Though the line was an hour long, the free, 21 and over show at Neumo’s on Saturday night featuring VHS or Beta was well worth the wait.

VHS or Beta opened the show to only a somewhat receptive audience but eventually won them over. After the second song, “No Cabaret!” lead singer Craig Pfunder said, “You guys need to lighten up. It’s like fucking church in here!”

Slowly but surely, the crowd warmed up and started to dance. By the time the band churned out “The Ocean,” the crowd was dancing vigorously and cheering their approval.

“I know the show is free, but godamnit, start dancing already!” Pfunder said to which the crowd then obeyed.

VHS or Beta predictably ended their set with their catchy, ready for radio single, “Night on Fire,” a perfect way to end the set. “Put your hands together and we’ll light this night, light this night on fire!” they sang as the audience clapped their hands and danced along. VHS or Beta won the crowd over and clearly established that they have only just begun. Be prepared to see these boys hit MTV2 soon.
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