Kate Voegele
Louder Than Words
by Devon McReynolds

Singer/songwriter Kate Voegele has already been recognized as a rising star in the United States because of performances at Farm Aid with Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, and Neil Young, being featured in
Cleveland Magazine as one of the city’s Most Interesting People, and being one of three national finalists in the Pantene Pro-Voice Competition where she was seen on MTV. With the release of her EP Louder Than Words, Voegele is certainly on her way to a status similar to that of Michelle Branch or Leanne Rimes.

Opening track “Only Fooling Myself” is undeniably catchy with an energetic chorus full of “yeah yeah”s. Voegele’s promotional pamphlet boasts she “has the songwriting ability of someone twice her age,” and it’s true to some degree. Her songs are certainly not mind blowing, but for an eighteen-year-old, she sure has a knack for writing choruses with great hooks, as heard for example in “Top of the World”.  Voegele shows a more soulful side on the last song on the EP, “Kindly Unspoken” with a prominently played piano. Overall, her vocals are clear and she has a nice intonation with a great range, but unfortunately does too much of the dipping around like that heard far too much in Christina Aguilera’s songs.

Voegele wouldn’t make it on MTV quite yet because she lacks a certain originality that would set her apart from other female singer/songwriters. Maybe people will appreciate her plain, humble Jewel-like appeal, but if Voegele wants to be successful, she should continue to write songs with upbeat choruses that showcase her versatile talents.

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