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We Wrote the Book on Connectors/The Blakes/The Shotgun
March 21, 2006 – The Crocodile – Seattle, WA
by Ashley Graham

We Wrote the Book on Connectors. People are bound to throw out the “What the fuck?”s with this band, but once you get over the oddity, what’s there is just plain fun. The songs are quirky, the onstage persona is oft-crazy and the fellas themselves are a little on the goofy side, but DAMN it’s fun to watch. Plus, they wrote a song that shares our name… and, well, fuck, who can resist such a thing? Perhaps it was a marketing scheme, but I’m willing to ignore the thought.

The Blakes… are fantastic. Whether it’s their pre-show hilarity in the bar, their obvious camaraderie or their winning stage presence, it’s no wonder these three Seattle dudes are making it big around town. Yes, that was them that the P-I named a “band to watch” in 2006. So deserved. If you haven’t been able to catch them at one of their fantastic shows, you should head to their myspace page—I’d highly recommend “Pistol Grip,” though the live version is soooooooo crazy-good, and I can’t imagine it’s as good in recording. But maybe I’ll go have a listen myself… (I just squealed in delight at the prospect… and then listened... and what do you know this version is fabulous too).

The Shotgun of Portland were an excellent entry into the evening’s festivities—whoever was involved in the show and got these guys on the bill deserves a pat on the back. (Identify yourself if you’re up for it). White Stripes comparisons are inevitable, but the girl/guy duo can’t be stuck at that, as their garage rockiness is new and fresh despite whatever influences it calls upon.

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