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We Wrote the Book on Connectors / Iceage Cobra
September 21, 2006 - Nectar Lounge - Seattle, WA
by Katie Sauro

Clad in bright matching t-shirts with “We Wrote” stenciled across the chest, and orange plaid pants to perfect the look, the four self-congratulatory men of We Wrote the Book on Connectors embrace their dorkiness like no other. They know that not everyone “gets” what they’re about, but they simply don’t care, performing their quirky, catchy tunes—ranging in subject from Ichiro baseball cards to dungeon masters to vegetable clocks (huh?)—with plenty of rock bravado and eccentric panache. And it’s paying off in a big way, as last week, We Wrote rocked the biggest crowd they’ve ever played to in their short career, winning new fans and delighting their already-swelling fanbase. 

The self-proclaimed “Band of the Future” combines keyboards, pop, and good ol’ fashioned rock and roll, with odd lyrics and even a bit of choreography thrown in, guaranteed to rock your moustache off—just ask them. Yeah, it’s silly and it’s obviously weird, but god damn it, it rocks, and we at the Wig are huge fans. They’ve even written a song called “The Wig Fits All Heads.” With such loving reciprocity, what more could anyone ask for?

Headlining band Iceage Cobra’s propulsive, yet soulful, metal-meets-garage rock has been generating huge buzz from local fans, critics, and bands alike—especially from brothers-and-sister-in-arms, Thee Emergency. Known for their aggressive, and often perilous, live shows, the Seattle-via-Spokane band pummeled the crowd with impenetrable guitars and unyielding rhythms, jolting them right out of their respective drunken dazes. The three-piece’s debut full-length,
Brilliant Ideas from Amazing People, is due out October 10th on Heavy Soul, and everyone’s wondering… will they be able to translate this power and unabashed confidence to record? Stay tuned.