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White Gold
January 7, 2006 – The Crocodile Café – Seattle, WA
by Dagmar Patterson

The demo White Gold gave me a few months ago has become a favorite—I think I must listen to it almost every day, honestly. Their first CD adds three songs to the demo’s six, and is edgy-synth-punk-rock at its best.

A White Gold fan enjoys the unexpected. As a huge White Gold fan, when I see them live I always wonder what outfits they will wear. Each show promises a different set of clothes (gym suits, cop uniforms, dresses). They are hugely entertaining to watch, but I also admire and revere them for their music and was thrilled to see them at their CD release party.

Singer/keyboardist Whitney Gould has a strong presence and banters comfortably with an audience. His vocals skip and jump, at times frantic as a yelp, but always tuneful. He sings softly and smoothly during “Broken Bones and Eternal Bonds,” perhaps as near a ballad as this band gets. It’s gorgeous live. Singer/guitarist David Greaves is a stunner to watch as well. His guitar playing is sexy and emphatic and his vocals blend perfectly with Gould’s in a dreamy way. For rhythm White Gold has a duo that is very keyed into one another. Michael Marsidi’s superb drumming fortifies the music, and bassist Matthew Engebretson luminously emphasizes the band’s disco and funk leanings.

The songs are supreme dance shockers—“In the Event of a Nuclear War” and “Bells Bells Bells” entrance. Rather than giving me goosebumps, this band gives me hives—in a good way. Their new songs such as “To the End of the Night” are just as strong as the ones I am more familiar with. They are superior to and separate from so much of the music out now, and I respect their defiance in doing something different—and doing it with wonder and flair.

White Gold plays next at the Baltic Room on Wednesday, January 25th.