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As the saying goes, change is inevitable. The men of Coretta Scott are all too familiar with this concept. Over the last two years these guys have seen everything change at the cost of pursuing a dream. Friends, family, financial status, band members, musical style, location and even the guys themselves have experienced countless transformations while chasing the rock and roll lifestyle and career they have always dreamed of. You've heard the hard luck stories before, but every story is different and there is no argument that the men of Coretta Scott have a persistence not seen in many bands.

Their touring resume is impeccable for a band their size and they pride themselves on always being prepared for whatever comes their way (not to mention they have never received or accepted any form of tour support). They have survived several member changes, including a split with their original singer. They have been through five vans in their two years of existence. They put out their debut record,
Scream and Shout, on the indie label Rise Records (distributed nationwide by Victory Records) in August of 2005 and have since parted with RISE to pursue a label more fitting to their highly accessible (dare I say mainstream?) sound.

While lesser bands would (and usually do) self-destruct in the face of such adversity, Coretta Scott has learned to embrace change and follow their dream at all costs. To put it simply, these guys have the songs that keep you humming them for days and a live show that will keep you talking until the next time they come back to your town. Go see Coretta Scott in concert and you will see four survivors who started out nearly as strangers and, at some point, have turned into a family of hard working, tight-knit rockers.
-SJH, 5/06

Words on Coretta Scott:

"...perfect, infectious pop music."
- Missoulian, 03/02/07

" and crisp."
- Out There Monthly, 02/07

" guitar riffs that evoke Australia’s The Living End, and in that sense they add a little extra punch with both heavy metal and new-wave layers."
- Missoula Independent, 03/01/07

April 27, 2007
The Blvd. - Spokane, WA
April 28, 2007
Rock 'n' Roll Pizza - Portland, OR
May 4, 2007
The NoiseBox - Camas, WA
May 6, 2007
The Sports Center - Yakima, WA
May 18, 2007
The Big Easy, Spokane, WA

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