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Gina Bling / Gina Genius

TEAM GINA has synchronized dance routines that will blow your mind. Team Gina has phat beats and hype rhymes for days. Team Gina has matching outfits that will make you cry. Team Gina has taken over their hometown of Seattle, Washington with a monthly 80s/electro/hip hop night at which they are resident performers, which some degenerates have described as “the best party Seattle has ever seen.”

With barely a few shows under their sequined belts, Team Gina has opened for artists like Stink Matt, Fankick and Scream Club, and been invited to perform at the official Synthesis Magazine Bumbershoot Party. Now, Team Gina is poised to take over the world with a national tour celebrating the arrival of their debut EP, GINA GINA REVOLUTION. This much-anticipated 8-song CD is a joint release from CRUNKS NOT DEAD (Scream Club, Nicky Click, Joey Casio) and DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’ RECORDS (The Pharmacy, Your Heart Breaks).

Team Gina is made up of two fierce femmes: GINA BLING and GINA GENIUS, a former Homecoming Queen and Pageant Winner who have over 20 years of dance classes and theatre performances between them. You can list to their dope jams at, but, truly, Team Gina must be seen to be believed.

Words on Team Gina:

“Made up of a joyful pair of white-girl rap poseurs, the glam-punk homo duo Team Gina produces adorable singsong ditties about fighting for social justice and making out with butch chicks. Busting out slippery rhymes about how to make capitalism work for everyone while wearing skimpy gold lamé dresses, Gina Bling and Gina Genius sound sweet and giggly, but warn that they get cranky with people who can't spell or haven't done much reading.”
- SF Weekly, 1/26/07

stay tuned for more dates soon!

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Team Gina1: photo credit Cody Cobb
Team Gina 2: photo credit Cody Cobb
Team Gina 3: photo credit Cody Cobb