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Clyde Petersen / Karl Blau

Your Heart Breaks is Queercore & hot makeout parties. The place where unicorns and Pegasus combine into one. Corndogs (2 for 99 cents). Pinata parties. Dancing up front at all-ages shows. Sharing the mic. Monkeys, the squirrels of South America. & Squirrels, the monkeys of North America. A severe case of ocean waves.

Joined by producer and musician Karl Blau, Your Heart Breaks is the music of Clyde Petersen. With sparse instruments and a focus on story-telling, Your Heart Breaks sing songs of love and adventure.

They are joined in their recordings by many amazing guests, including Laura Viers, Cindy Wonderful of Scream Club, and members of the Black Cat Orchestra.

Words on Your Heart Breaks:
“Though the wickedly emo band name could make Your Heart Breaks sound more like an eyeliner-sporting watered down screamo act barely worthy of gracing the cover of Alternative Press, the local outfit actually play sleepy and simple bedroom pop songs about making mix tapes in the middle of the night… The cover of AP is the last place you’ll ever find them, but that really isn’t a bad thing.”
- Megan Seling (The Stranger, October 2006)

“Your Heart Breaks are great. Short, fun pop songs in a familiar K Records aesthetic (no surprise they hail from Washington). It’s there humming softly to your face just long enough so that when it disappears you immediately put on a frown and search around for where it went.”
- Mountains Mountains (July 2006)