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Neal Burton / Kevin Dorn
Eric Fast / Rory Martin

Patient Patient is a band reminiscent of the land that birthed its four affiliates. Like the overcast Northwest, the band’s sound, though colorful and dynamic, has a precipitating moodiness. Their story begins in Seattle and, more specifically, guitarist/vocalist Neal Burton’s basement, where Burton and bassist Kevin Dorn began writing music at the age of fourteen. The two later collaborated with guitarist Eric Fast and began playing shows under various monikers over a period of a few years. Patient Patient was made complete in 2003 when introduced to former drummer Tyler Martin. The addition helped to ferment the band as a whole and they soon made their debut E.P.
Professionals and Convicts, produced by Matt Bisch at Bird Dog Studios. After a brief hiatus, during which Burton studied music in Boston, and a quick member change (with the addition of current drummer Rory Martin), the group now continues to work to establish itself in the evolving indie-rock scene. Often described as having a Brit Rock sound, Patient Patient is a conglomerate of influences based on its members, with each gent having diverse musical backgrounds, from jazz to punk to alternative rock. Burton’s vocals are a convergence of classical and pop, evoking the range of Thom Yorke and Jimmy Gnecco. The band’s songwriting portrays a dedication to all that is melancholy and real. Patient Patient captures a fresh sound that is dark and full of light; mournful and dry; beautiful and raw.

Words on Patient Patient:

“No doubt new-to-the-scene Radiohead-inspired indie rockers Patient Patient will have no trouble at all finding folks to dig their action.”
- The Stranger (Seattle, WA)

“…a much-needed shot of sincerity – no frills, no gimmicks, just rock and roll. The impressive one-two punch of lead singer Neal Burton’s buoyant Thom Yorke-esque vocals and guitarist Eric Fast’s ominous electric guitar lines proved to be an obvious crowd pleaser.”
- What’s Up Magazine (Bellingham, WA)

“Patient Patient urgently embraces mood, emotion… a group of talented musicians.”
- Bellingham Herald (Bellingham, WA)

“…the band’s music is filled with a beautiful mess of soothing noise. Neal Burton’s vocals are amazing. His ability to harmonize with the rest of the band is truly a great talent. It isn’t everyday you find a vocalist like Neal.”