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Ragan Crowe / Micah Simler
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There’s that old adage, oft mockingly repeated, that you could throw a rock in nearly any locale in Seattle and hit a dude who plays guitar. In a city like Seattle, so replete with the talented (and for that matter, the not-so-talented), it’s easy to go unnoticed, easy to not matter at all. (Read: Being four dudes in a rock band in Seattle gets you damn-near nowhere.) So we can skim over the faces and positions pretty quickly--Ragan Crowe, vox/guitar; Micah Simler, bass; Mike Notter, vox/guitar; Jeremy Crowe, drums--and we can get to what makes Shim unique, what makes ‘em matter--that catalog of throbbing, pounding, pulsating anthems, those classic rock sensibilities that flavor their most modern of rock, those flashing lights on the stage, and that thick fog that nearly (nearly) engulfs them. Shim has built themselves up in Seattle by offering something on stage that few Seattle bands manage amidst their ultimate goal (“cool”)--they are rock solid musicians, and they are well-versed showmen.

In the Veins, the boys of Shim, along with producer Martin Feveyear (The Hope, Slender Means) bring their raw, unrefined energy to disc, with a slew of tracks mapping their unique course through rock, and their ultimately worship-worthy talent. This is what show attendees have raved about, this is what you’ve been missing.

Words on SHIM:

" raw and full of energy that it may get your blood pumping. It also will get your feet stomping and your musical hunger fed. Shim takes rock back to its roots, with two guitars, bass, drums and the testosterone-driven lead vocals of Ragan Crowe. It’s not quite the grunge of Nirvana or Pearl Jam that defines the band’s hometown, but more like the arena rock of yesterday – think Led Zeppelin meets the Black Crowes with just a sprinkling of Alice in Chains.
In the Veins is full of riff-driven rock music that will grow on you like a fungus, and if enough people hear about these guys, the (gray) sky is certainly the limit."
-, 02/23/07

“A heavyweight rock outfit that’s poetic and pure. ‘Satisfied’ is the sound of complicated people enjoying simple things. It’s vibe is 12:45 bar time, knee-deep in High Life, and the lyrics are nothing short of revelatory. It’s an anthem that was waiting to be written.”
- The Inlander (Spokane, WA)

“…a cut above… a welcome respite from your average Seattle band.”
-, 12/11/06

“…a 100% irony free arena rock band… Replete with smoke machines, big stage lights and more rock than the High Dive is used to, [SHIM] opened the night and set the bar high.”
- Seattle Powerpop Blog, 12/10/06

“…party rock with an atomic brain…You just never know where the body of one of these songs is going to throw a punch or a kick next.”
- (Seattle, WA)

June 16, 2007
The High Dive - Seattle, WA
June 30, 2007
The Funhouse - Seattle, WA

Spokane 7 - 06/01/07
The Inlander - 05/31/07
Spokane Sidekick - 05/31/07 - 05/07
Mansplat - Spring 07 - 04/08/07
The Lab - Spring 07
Seattle Powerpop Blog - 03/30/07
Sound on the Sound - 03/05/07 - 02/23/07
Disheveled - 02/07
Sound on the Sound - 02/06/07
The Wig Fits All Heads - 01/28/07
Little Radio - 12/18/06
Seattlest - 12/11/06
Seattle Powerpop Blog - 12/06/06
The Inlander - 08/23/06
The Wig Fits All Heads - 08/06/06
Three Imaginary Girls - 01/06


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