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Garnet Keim / Snow Keim / Bob Husak

The Blakes is two Keims and a Bob: Garnet (guitar, vocals) and Snow (bass, vocals) Keim, Bob Husak (drums). From this trio that met through shared Tully’s Coffee employment, now comes fast, jangly pop with vintage feel, and winningly vintage aesthetic. It’s rough, it’s raw, and it’s a crowd favorite. The fellas have found a dedicated following in their makeshift hometown of Seattle, with local media found falling head over heels time and time again, and crowds dancin’ like maniacs (maaaaaniacs on the floor).

There are the goofy tour stories, there are the slick haircuts, the rock star poses. But first and foremost there are those infectiously catchy tunes of which The Blakes have a-plenty. Have a listen and let me know when you’re officially in looove.

Words on The Blakes:

“The breakout stars at this year’s Sasquatch! Festival.”
-, 5/30/2007

“One of the pleasant surprises of the festival were the Blakes. With messy arrangements and a theatrical drummer fond of the both-sticks-in-the-air poses, their bluesy-cool rock brought a bit of a dirty nightclub vibe to the sunny afternoon.”
- Rebecca Raber, Pitchfork, 5/29/2007

“The melodic chaos they deliver is utterly addictive, particularly for anyone who longs for a time when it was still acceptable to admit loving the Strokes.”
- Hannah Levin, The Stranger, 1/4/2007

“… a dirtier version of the Strokes, or what the Libertines could have sounded like had Pete Doherty not gone completely off the rails.”
- Cortney Harding, The Inlander, 12/7/2006

“With swampy guitar leads and agonized vocals that sound as if they're being pulled apart by a torture rack, the band taps into the primal gut of rock 'n' roll like a less produced Kings of Leon.”
- Tizzy Asher, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2/21/2006

“In a year of great Northwest rock albums… this might be the best of all. Their sound is more versatile than most, ranging from raw, noisy garage-punk and propulsive, Strokesish jangle to New Wave-influenced dance-rock and even a sweet, poignant ballad, but whatever the style, their instantly memorable songs are ridiculously catchy and remarkably well-crafted.”
- Don Yates, KEXP Music Director, 11/21/2006

July 7, 2007
Hong Kong Gardens - Clinton, WA
July 14, 2007
West Seattle Summerfest
July 28, 2007
Capitol Hill Block Party - Seattle, WA
September 3, 2007
Bumbershoot - Seattle, WA

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The Blakes - credit: Justin Renney