Yellow Delicious
Get Some!
by Devon McReynolds

While the cheesy name of the band is slightly off-putting at first, Yellow Delicious’ new album Get Some! is more mature, combining punk rock guitar sounds with classic rock melodies in a fun, original way.     

First track “Get Some!” opens with some heavy drumming and then kicks into traditional pop-punk, peaking with another heavy drum bridge. The guitar melodies sound like a combination of garage rock strumming with Weezer-esque riffs. The promotional pamphlet claims that Yellow Delicious has a “throwback vibe similar to that of the Strokes,” while capitalizing on the influences of Jimmy Eat World and Blink-182. While I don’t hear too much of the Strokes in Get Some!, there are parts that are reminiscent of old school rock the Strokes themselves were influenced by. “What Do You Want From Me?” sounds like a softer version of AC/DC with some excellently played cowbell.

“Faraway” differs from the conventional pop-punk sound by utilizing interspersed tambourine, while “C’mon C’mon” has a catchy chorus with the whole band chiming in to shout. Again, Yellow Delicious throws another curveball to the listeners – much like the Strokes did with “Under Control” – with “She,” a slow ballad with a 50s do-wop sound to it.

While some of the guitar chords get repetitious, the solos are great and showcase their talent for blending several different genres into one. Throughout the album, the drumming is also very prominent, and acts as more than just a beat to keep the rest of the music grounded. Already having shared the stage with such rock icons as Aerosmith and Cheap Trick, Yellow Delicious’ future looks promising.
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